Health is wealth, others say it is life, but how much, does man, prepare to invest in the business of having sound health?!

Islam is a way of life to live. Islam sees medicine as both an art and a science. Islamic medicine encompasses prevention, diagnosis and finally treatment.
“Ask Allah for forgiveness, wellbeing and health, indeed, no one acquires a better possession after certainty of faith than good health ” (an-Nasaee).
It is not untrue that nature has counter measures to heal our illnesses, but we should take concrete steps towards living healthy.
Prophet Muhammad said :” For any disease there is a cure, and when the cure matches the disease, the person recovers by the will of Allah.” (Muslim).

An Arab came to Prophet Muhammad and asked him “O messanger of Allah : Do we take medicine for treatment? He said: ‘Yes, Oh you the servants of Allah, take medicine, as Allah never afflicts a disease without providing a cure; only those who were not aware, were ignorant of it “.

There are 3 major departments under Islamic Prophetic medicine. These are:
1. Qur’an Ruqyahealing Therapy (QRT)
2. Hijamah Cupping Therapy (HCT)
3. A’shab Medicinal Herbs Therapy (AMHT)

As Muslims, many are not aware of the fact kept hidden from the general public by the orthodox west, that the most complete system of natural medicine ever devised has been extant for over one thousand four hundred and thirty nine years through the order of devine commands from Allah (Qur’an) and through the most profound human being in history (Muhammad son of Abdullah).

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