Anything void of nature is poison

Human is a natural being and nothing can give you healthy life except natural remedies.

It is not untrue that most people, especially the elite, don’t believe the efficacy of natural medicine and if they have to use it, they will take it with a grain of salt.

Although some natural medicine is still on it trial-and-error discovery stage, but a lot of natural medicine have been tested and confirmed as cure to a set of disease conditions.

It is also true that the medical scientists use a hit-or-miss procedure in the lab before they could announce a drug as cure to a disease. So why are they now condemning the natural medicine that has the same way of discovery with them?!

Medical practitioners condem natural medicine saying there is no dosage and they talk about toxicity thinking that as practitioners of natural medicine, we don’t have basic biomedical knowledge that will enable us make right clinical decisions. Let us meet and prove our formulas and see wonders in nature cures.

It is also true that validation of most Naturopathic theories by a scientific clinical studies is highly needed as most of the plant concoctions are based on clinical trials. So let us work together to save mankind.

Perhaps they are afraid of competition or they are enslaved to the “health” overlord. However WHO released it first global report to cover all the three facets of traditional medicine which are- products, practices and practitioners in May 2019. The report review was based on the global progress in Traditional and Complementary Medicine  (T&CM) over the past two decades and is based on contributions from 179 WHO Member States.

Thanks to WHO for the release of this report. We shall sooner or later meet to prove the efficacy of the natural remedies we have and I am saying it here that natural medicine can handle any form of epidemic conveniently.

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