We care, Allah heals 

70% of diseases, ailments and pains are due to the blood being unable to reach certain parts of the body. Al-Hijama  (CUPPING THERAPY) releases veins and straighten muscles; to allow blood flow and improve health. 


For almost a decade now, we have being practicing naturopathy and Islamic medicine which Allah is using to relieve our patients of their spiritual worries and medical disorders. 


Numbers speaks for themselves

Treated hepatitis patients

Gynecological cases treated

Spiritual cases overpowered by Allah

Our certified Hijama ( Cupping Therapy) Students across Lagos, Osun, Ogun, Kwara, Oyo states of Nigeria, including FCT Abuja.

In our clinic:

  • We send for test, scan and XRAY if required
  • We diagnose and interpret results
  • We apply accurate treatment measure(s) to tackle the condition
  • We advice our patients duly
  • We keep our treatments record
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